True Joy & The Pleasures of the World

In my days as an atheist, and also on unfortunate days as a Christian, I attempted to derive my joy from the finite sources around.  I thought to find pleasure in drugs, stimulation,  pride in being good at games and other things, and a variety of other finite sources.  I was always sorely disappointed that none of these pleasures brought lasting joy and that they all had limitations that didn’t quite reach what I was looking for.

As a Christian my best moments have been during times of worship of my Savior and I can honestly say that even the best drugs cannot compare to the pure joy that comes from God.  The Lord’s supernatural joy that He provides during the experience of true heartfelt worship is beyond expression and at the very least is my addiction.

The ‘pleasures’ of this life cannot compare to the joy that God provides, but when those pleasures are not opposed to God (as idols) but rather are part of worship they then are caught up in the experience of worship and increase the pleasure.  From experience I would say that the pleasures of this world are then meant to go hand in hand with true worship in order for them to be enjoyed to their fullest and also for them to reach the fulfillment of their purpose in this world – God made things for us so that we could enjoy them in our worship of Him, not so that they would supplant him and be our idols.

I was almost tempted to isolate myself from the world and simply seek the Lord’s face in worship in order to enjoy true communion with my God and experience the purity of His joys.  But if I had done this then I would have cut myself off from the things that He has made for us to enjoy while we’re worshiping Him and I would have missed out from even greater joys.  Human beings are the pinnacle of God’s creation because we’re made in God’s image and therefore it only logically makes sense that the greatest pleasure we are to have here in this life is to have fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ while in the midst of true worship of our God.  My assumption, based solely on how highly scripture esteems marriage, is that the union of marriage, when caught up in the midst of true worship, and not supplanting God’s place as an idol, is by and large the greatest of pleasures here on this earth in this life.  I can think of nothing else that the Lord would bless with the heights of joy than the picture of Christ and the Church through marriage when it is carried along by heartfelt worship.


About salutations75

Born and raised Atheist turned Reformed Baptist.
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