Moderation or Sober mindedness

Even good things without moderation are bad:

  • Too medicine leads to drug overdose
  • Too much money leads to idolatry (Prov. 30:8)
  • Too much focus on evangelism through words leads to forgetting that Jesus commends the good Samaritan for helping with physical needs (Luke 10:25-36)
  • Too much focus on social activism results in not enough gospel proclamation

A temptation to avoid

  • Trying to be balanced in things having without God at the centre of the solution

What Moderation is:

  • The unavoidable outworking of understanding who God is and how this necessarily impacts the way in which we live in His world

Lack of moderation in most areas of life comes from either a poor understanding of who God is or a merely academic understanding of who God is that fails to result in changing the life of the knower.

God does all things for His glory and believers exist for God’s glory (Isaiah 43:7).  If lack of moderation in an area of life were to bring glory to God then that lack of moderation is both commendable and encouragable for others.  Some things, such as faith in Jesus, should have no limitations placed upon them and cannot in any way be hemmed in through “moderation.”  The only time moderation should be exercised is when there are competing demands from God for obedience that need to be balanced out so that the believer is being faithful in all that he is commanded and not just some of what he is commanded.

We must strive to know God better and prayerfully think through how these truths about God must change the ways in which we live in the world.  Being moderate for any reason that is not God-centered will ultimately be sinful and not God glorifying – we must not be like the Pharisees who obeyed God’s commands for all the wrong reasons.

Some Examples:

Excessive spending on snacks should be balanced out by the many demands from God upon our finances as well as recognizing that God is the owner of our bodies and so abusing our bodies is either a denial of God owning them or a refusal to be a caretaker of God’s property that He has put in our care.

Excessive evangelism through verbal proclamation should be balanced out by knowledge of God’s love that cares for physical needs as well as spiritual (Matthew 6)

Overreactions to hardships or disasters in the world should quelled by knowledge of God’s sovereignty (Matthew 6)


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Born and raised Atheist turned Reformed Baptist.
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